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About Process2serve

Discover why Process2Serve is the most trusted legal process server in Glendale, CA. Our experienced team ensures swift and efficient legal document delivery. We are dedicated to customer service and have a relentless commitment to accuracy. We are situated in Glendale, California, Los Angeles County, as of June 2023, in between CT Corporation Service Company and Legal Zoom registered agents in the downtown area.


Our experience:

The owner, Dean DeVito, has served legal process for over 15 years. He was a Massachusetts constable for 10 of those years, serving and enforcing civil process (Similar to a Sheriff; enforcing warrants, seizures, evictions, and serving papers). Dean also ran ServeBoston.com for 5 years, where he developed a client base of attorneys from all over the United States and became familiar with legal process from 100’s of courts, including California. Dean also worked as a Special Police Officer in Boston, Massachusetts. This combined experience is why we can get the job done for you no matter, how difficult, or impossible you may think it may be.  Now in California we are apt to become the most trusted and go to company in the California – And you better believe the work ethic came along for the sunshine!


Why choose us?

Many firms offer numerous other legal services, and are busy forwarding legal process across the planet to others to obtain high volume and give little attention to your case. We at Process2Serve keep it rather simple, we accept your legal documents that are to be served in Los Angeles, understand that each case is of high importance to that individual, and work our tails of to do it quickly, and correctly. As we work hard on your case, you are kept in the loop automatically by our software with updates!

Process Server Dean DeVito Knocking on door

Dean DeVito, CCPS

CALSPro Certified Process Server 

When you work with our team of professional process servers, you can be assured that your legal documents will be delivered according to your own time line. Our business operates around our client’s schedules, not our own.

We always put our client’s needs first.
We go the extra mile for you!

Legal Process Serving requires persistence, originality, responsible time management and dedication to finishing an assignment to the complete satisfaction, and legal requirements of every client. Process2Serve makes sure each of our servers meet those requirements. Our clients choose Process2Serve for this reason and the remarkable results we deliver. Attorneys using us return for our services without fail for this very reason.

We are not a big box, factory-like office rolling out hundreds of jobs a day. Our goal is not to be the biggest, but the best! It makes a difference. Process serving is not just handing someone an envelope and that’s it. We have many clients come to us after another process server or even the sheriff missed their deadline, went at times when the subject was most likely “not to be home”, served improperly because they were not aware of the rules, or can’t get a status because the work was given to another process serving company, who gave to their server who is working 20 cases at a minimal rate, and its just not very important to them.

At Process2Serve we do not consider any assignment too big or too small and our team is used to a variety of situations. In the past we’ve served people:

  • in traffic
  • walking into doctor’s appointments
  • moments before they board a flight
  • regardless of their celebrity or notoriety
  • regardless of their stature

We have served legal process on CEOs of large corporations “in hand” whose attorneys advised them not to accept process. How do they explain that? Process2Serve knows the law, gets the job done and stays focused on our client’s needs.

The business owner; Dean DeVito, is a registered process server in Los Angeles County, and personally involved in each and every case. Whether serving himself or closing monitoring attempts, and deadlines of cases served by our process servers.

Affidavits are laser printed, notarized (if required), and sent back to you immediately upon completion. We are amazed to see that one of the biggest complaints amongst other process server companies is struggling to get the proof of service back.

Our system automatically provides our clients with updates on their service, including attempts!




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We make sure that our clients deal directly with the owner who is informed within seconds after an envelope is received. Projects are assigned to servers quickly. Affidavits are laser printed, notarized (if required), and sent back to you immediately. 

Dean is a member of:  National Association of Professional Process Servers & California Association of Legal Support Pros 

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