Our Services

Registered Los Angeles Process Server Services:

We serve legal process within Los Angeles County for Attorneys nationally, as well as for any individual, government agency, and even other process servers in Los Angeles, and Process Servers in other markets that require proper, and timely service of their legal documents. All of our process servers in California are registered. 


Standard Service:

Standard service to Registered Agent locations will be served within 72 hours of receipt of your payment, and completed documents in most cases. For residential addresses first attempt will be made within 72 hours, often leading to a completed serve in that same timeframe. We are a full-time office that is capable of both A.M and P.M. serves. If necessary, we are also available on weekends (Sundays require extra fee) unlike some county agencies. This service includes one name, and one address. 


Rush or Evasive Services:

Although our standard service meets the needs of most of our clients, some assignments require even more urgency. Normally we charge an additional $50 for a Rush which means we will make multiple attempts within 48 hours, and prioritize your job. Same day service; upon availability is between $75-100 extra. We will quote a tactical serve for an evasive subject on a case-by-case basis. 


Advanced Locate/Skip Trace:

Utilizing state of the art technology, we have access to public, private, and government databases that have proven successful in locating individuals that have seemingly relocated without a trace. Our advanced electronic methods and focused achievement strategies combined with special techniques developed from years of experience enable us to locate defendants, witnesses, and anyone who needs to be served legal process. These are not databases that the general public has access too. Some information is gathered from credit report headers, and even as advanced as license plate scanners to let us know what areas a vehicle has been in recently. Our skip trace is the most competitively priced in Los Angeles. An individual can be located where they have moved anywhere in the United States, not just Los Angeles. 


Service by Mail:

We offer service by mail when allowed by law. Our service by mail turnaround time is usually 24 hours. However if you must have it done today; we can accommodate and provide a rush service. 




Although we have similar resources, we are not a private investigation firm. All locate services, and stakeouts must be in connection with service of legal process.

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